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Kreisler is an innovative project, seeking to anticipate and solve prospective daily life challenges.
The increase of electric vehicles is leading to more demand of quicker and more comfortable charging. Kreisler uses photovoltaics to generate and store solar power, providing green energy through fast-charging-stations, being independent and self-sufficient. Additionally, to modern charging-infrastructure, a new shopping experience is offered.
A highly advanced, fully automated vending machine supplies local products to neighbours, commuters and tourists - day and night.

Opening Times & Location


Mon - Fri 09:00 to 18:00
Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays from 09:00 to 16:00



Our fast-charging-stations are available around the clock. Our power storage supplies solar energy also at night.


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100% Solar Power

Pure E-Charging


A 200 kWp installation on the roof.


We have a Lithium storage with a total capacity of 300 kWh installed.

Modern Payment

top-up card

You can pay conveniently with a common top-up card. In the future it will be possible to pay via Credit-/Maestro Card.

24/7 Fast Charging

2x 150kW CCS
1x 75kW CCS
1x 60kW CHAdeMO
2x 22kW Typ 2

There are two 2x 150kW charging stations with 3x CCS and one CHAdeMO port available. Additionally there are 2x 22kW charging sockets you can hook up to with your own cable.

About the concept

We have to distinguish between refuelling and recharging. In a best-case scenario, an electric car is charged with each stop. At home, a low voltage charging station is sufficient, since there`s usually plenty of time for charging. At other locations though, where there`s more demand, fast-charging-stations are required. Such fast-charging-stations will charge an electric car within 15 to 20 minutes with approximately 300 km reach. Those values depend on battery-capacity and max. possible charging-capacity of the vehicle.


Regional brands

Local Farmers

A great variety of products from local farmers completes the offer to Kreisler costumers.

Value added chain


Short transportation

We want to keep and increase the value chain in the region, shorten transportation and provide great products of our many regional farmers.

Modern local sales channel

local delicacy 

Local products are available to customers in a modern and eco-friendly location 24/7.

local supplier

energy self-sufficient energy self-sufficient ,
local supplier

Thanks to the photovoltaics and the power storage, Kreisler is independent from the conventional power grid and is open all year long.

Auf-Laden concept

An ideal solution that allows entire flexibility to customers. With or without an electric vehicle, you can shop your favourite local products any time around the clock. The technique and approach used, was derived from different fields and adapted for Kreisler`s needs. Order at one of the 4 modern terminals. Choose and pay for your products directly at the terminal. Pick up your goods at the assigned pick-up terminal - quick, simple and easy.